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ELcoPC is an authorized Distributor, VPG FOIL Precision Center and FOIL Design-in Center for all Vishay FOIL Precision Resistors. 

Vishay Foil Resistors (VFR), Powertron GmbH, Alpha Electronics and APR, are part of Vishay Precision Group (VPG), and are registered trademarks of VPG.

ELcoPC also sells ALL electronic components of Vishay Intertechnolgy Inc..

Since 2006, ELcoPC has been supplying VPG Foil Precision Resistors to various business sectors.

ELcoPC keeps many of the Vishay FOIL Precision Resistors in stock, available for immediate shipment.   In addition to regular delivery, we offer EXPRESS LINE expedited build and delivery. This allows us to provide fastest delivery possible of all VPG FOIL Precision Resistors with any value/tolerance combination. Shipping small quantities in the shortest time possible, gives the engineers and board designers the exact resistor they need for prototypes and new designs. ELcoPC is known for quick response and we can handle any of your precision resistor needs. 

ELcoPC can supply ALL the standard catalog items, plus ALL custom designs including all products that require special testing or treatment (PMO).  ELcoPC handles all industrial, medical, military and space applications, including values and tolerances outside the standard product range. 

ELcoPC staff has extensive product and technical knowledge and is able to assist engineers, board designers and purchasing agents with choosing the best precision resistors for their individual applications.

We accept major credit cards and offer terms NET30 to qualified customers.

Value added Services:

Custom made RTD simulators using Vishay FOIL Resistors.

Custom made Standard/Calibration Resistor Boxes using Vishay FOIL Resistors.

ELcoPC sells Tungsten Carbide calibration needles: 2.25″ long and  0.028″ diameter

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