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Aerospace applications require parts which have proven long term reliability. Deep space probes must reach their destinations before transmitting the signals back to mission control.  Satellites are major component in global communication.  NASA, ITT, SpaceX and many other companies, use many Vishay FOIL resistors in their space flight applications. Some of the applications include:  radio transmission, thruster controls, electrostatic navigational gyros, and any electro-mechanical systems.Most of Vishay FOIL products meet and exceed MIL specifications of:  DSCC, EEE, EPPL, ESA, CECC, Established Reliability (ER) and QPL.

  • AUDIO /VIDEO – Low Frequency

In high-end audio systems, the sound must me flawless.  Using Vishay FOIL resistors, such as the “naked” VAR series in preamplifier or amplifier, ensures unmatched performance.There are many audio and video applications where the accuracy of the signal is very important.  Vishay FOIL resistors are a perfect choice where the harsh environment and temperatures might affect the performance of audio and video devices. FOIL resistors are very stable and reliable in extreme temperature changes. They are very low noise and do not add to the signal.Vishay PG FOIL resistors are non-inductive, non-capacitive and have current noise of 0.010 μVRMS/V of applied voltage (<-40 dB).


Commercial avionics has been using Vishay FOIL resistors for over 40 years.  The resistors have to deliver consistent performance in spite of dramatic temperature changes, shock, vibration and moisture. The FOIL resistors are used not only in the engine control, flight control, but in cabin electronics as well. Resistors MUST maintain their value in spite of harsh conditions.


Cryogenics is a unique application of extreme temperature cycling. Any electronics exposed to this cycling must perform without any degradation in performance. Vishay FOIL resistors perform extremely well in this low temperature, high humidity and pressure environment.


The high temperatures during drilling present challenge for all electronic components. With temperatures reaching more than 275°C (527°F), many of other resistor technologies are destroyed. Foil resistors for this application are encapsulated, allowing them to function through many of the drilling cycles. The 100 times thicker resistive layer helps establish the Vishay Foil resistor as the preferred resistor for seismic oil exploration as well as for down hole applications.


Electron beam machining requires unsurpassed accuracy. Foil resistors are used to control the drives for X and Y coordinates, without adding to the signal due to temperature changes. These special resistors respond immediately to high power pulse signal.


Using quality components is the cost effective solution for long term reliable performance.  The cost of repair, failure and down time is virtually eliminated if Vishay FOIL resistors are incorporated in the circuitry. Vishay FOIL resistors are the most reliable passive components on the market.


Vishay FOIL precision resistors are a natural fit for all laboratory and metrology applications. Hermetic packaging is recommended to ensure same initial reading without fluctuations due to humidity changes. Additional attributes essential to these applications are: stability under temperature fluctuations, no thermally active junctions, and a very low temperature coefficient of resistance.


All medical diagnostic equipment must deliver accurate results, without false readings. Vishay FOIL resistors are a preferred choice of major makers of medical equipment.


For over 45 years, Vishay FOIL resistors have been used in all branches of military around the world.They are used in all the electronics used by the military, where accuracy and reliability are an absolute must.


Vishay FOIL resistors are used in all electronics and sensors in most nuclear power plants in service today.


Vishay FOIL resistors are consistently the best choice for precision instrumentation because of their initial accuracy and long term stability.

  • RTD (Resistor Temperature Detector) Vishay FOIL RTD Simulators

Vishay FOIL precision resistors are perfectly suited for this application. Each resistor can be custom trimmed to any value up to 7 digits. For example: Vishay FOIL S102C series simulates value of PT100 @ +125C when trimmed to value of  147.952 ohms.  The entire PT100, PT500 and PT1000 temperature/value tables can be simulated at a fraction of the cost of traditional RTD simulator devices. Our single/multi value simulators never need calibration or batteries!


Vishay FOIL resistors are preferred components for any electronic equipment used in such conditions. Equipment might be used for underwater applications, where the temperature and pressure and salt corrosion, create harsh environment.


In telecom infrastructure applications, the top requirement is performance at frequency with long term stability. The resistance path in a Vishay FOIL resistor is planar, with adjacent conductors in an opposing direction. This design bucks out the inductance and creates capacitors in series, which means very low net capacitance, resulting in very good signal purity at high frequencies.


Resistance decade boxes were once confined, due to their size, to the laboratory, but today a handful of Vishay Foil hermetic resistors serve the purpose of secondary standards that can be specific to a customer’s application. Decade boxes of reasonable size and with six digit accuracy retained over time are commonly made using Vishay Foil resistors. ELcoPC will build custom designed Standard Resistor Boxes to your values and specifications. 


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