Vishay Foil Precision Resistors and trimmers are built on unique Bulk Metal® Foil technology that provides very low temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) and exceptional long-term stability, even in extreme temperatures. The Foil precision resistors can be trimmed and calibrated to six significant figures without added cost. The tolerances go as low as 0.001% and TCR close to zero.

Powertron‘ s FOIL products are designed to offer high precision resistors together with high power and provides low temperature coefficient (TCR) as well as excellent long-term stability. Powertron‘ s Thick Film Technology offers a wide range of high power resistors in verity of different housings for various applications.VPG precision passive components are used throughout the medical, aerospace, military, high-precision, measurement, energy and general industrial applications.

Alpha Electronics (Japan) offers precision FOIL and Thin Film resistors with some unique packaging configurations.

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